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Ben Marino - Account Director
Ben Marino, Account Director
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Unikron is pleased to announce that Ben Marino has joined the team as Account Director. Ben has over 20 years' experience in brand strategy development and implementation for companies such as Wyeth, Canada Bread, H.J. Heinz Company, Johnson + Johnson and Unilever Canada. His most recent project before moving to Unikron was the development and implementation of an integrated multimedia marketing program for a leading pharmaceutical company.
" Unikron's unique mix of creative strategy and innovative communication technologies is a great fit for me." says Marino. "I'm looking forward to working with one of the best teams in Canada to develop engaging and exciting online communications and multimedia programs."

Ben Marino, Account Director
What's New
Toronto’s “Mad Men” of real estate advertising

The Toronto Star’s feature on January 30th, 2010 profiled Toronto’s “Mad Men” of real estate advertising. Toronto’s real estate market boasted dramatic gains in 2009 despite a sagging global economy.

So what did Toronto’s Mad Men have to say? Interactive marketing! Linda O’Connor of Ryan Design and long time colleague of Unikron, says buyers are educated when it comes to purchasing real estate and it is essential to provide information to savvy consumers in multiple media streams.

"We're creating environments that are geared toward much more than just selling product and getting the consumer out the door," says O’Connor.
"What we’re designing now are venues." ... "I don’t think there’s a sales office we’re designing right now that doesn’t have a touchscreen in it " - Linda O’Connor, Ryan Design
As a vital part of Ryan Design’s team, Unikron has developed Touchscreen applications for many projects in the GTA including Canderel Stoneridge’s Aura and the Distillery District Clear Spirit development. View Full Article

Form more information on Unikron’s Touchscreen Applications,
call 1-800-670-0366 or visit www.unikron.com
Tried and True...

"I was really impressed with the work you did on the Michael Bublé event and I've just sent a note to my colleagues suggesting that they use Unikron again in the near future."

Hot live webcast events:
Michael Bublé, live from the Eaton Centre for Astral Media and the Tassimo live event with special guests Nik Manojlovich and Sarah Richardson for Ogilvy.
As in the past, the ALA relied on Unikron to stream the ALA Awards announcements via live webcast. The 2010 live event anticipated 10,000 on-line participants.

"We were pleased to provide a flawless live webcast and look forward to working with the ALA in 2011."
Manuel Rodriguez
, CEO and founding partner of Unikron

In January 2010, Ford retained Unikron to stream their Live Webcast at the 2010 International Auto Show in Detroit, MI.
  LCBO Live Webcast Event
LCBO Live Webcast Event
Unikron delivers both live and on demand webcasting and webinar products. From large scale live event webcasts to individual podcasts, Unikron provides fast and reliable solutions for training, education and interactive communication strategies.

For more information on Unikron’s webcasting solutions,
call 1-800-670-0366 or visit www.unikron.com
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